Sunday, 18 November 2012

Christmas pudding

Next weekend is stir up Sunday but we will be in London spending your last day in the UK with you. Below I've halved the recipe from my Good Housekeeping cookery book from 1972. Have swapped the suet for butter and added up the total dried fruits so I can create my own combination, such as including prunes. Might also reduce the proportion of fruit to nuts. A lot will depend on what is in the cupboard and how I feel.

6oz fresh breadcrumbs
6oz plain flour
1-2 tsp spices
6oz butter
8oz sugars
24oz dried fruits
3oz nuts
Half lemon
Half orange
1-2 apples
2 small eggs


So I ended up with three sorts of booze but all brandy based. Into the fruit mix I snipped some organic glacé cherries - nothing like the usual bright red ones and still had a slightly tart cherry taste. Only used almonds although many times I have included Brazils or pecans as well.
Filled a lot of mismatched bowls and cups to make five puddings. They are steaming now and filling the kitchen with a divine smell.
I had bought so much dried fruit that decided to also make mincemeat which commits me to making mince pies thIs year. Unlike last year when we were in Kenya. Hey ho austerity calling.........

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