Monday, 19 November 2012


Well this just a practice run for my weekly letter to Australia. I've just set up this blog, lying on the bed in a very comfortable room in Hope Street hotel, Liverpool. The view from the window is of the Catholic cathedral. I don't know if the locals really do call it Paddy's Wigwam or if that's just a story for visitors.

It was dark when I arrived and blowing a strong wind so I had a bracing walk from the station, knowing broadly where to go but doing a bit of a scenic route to get here. When I was really close I stopped a young man for directions. We ended up having a long conversation and he slowed his pace to walk with me to the corner just before my destination. That's it really - people in general really are friendlier up here. (Though it must be said he was actually from the North East.)

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  1. Commenting on my own post....... speaking to
    Neil earlier he suggested it should be Paddy's O 'Wigwam. Double irony. Doesn't work for everyone but I liked it