Saturday, 10 May 2014

Its a (cling) rap

Its a song its an ode

Gastronomic overload

Lets make blind bake banana bread cherry cake

Lick the bowl pancake roll smatterbatter toad in the hole

Work of art bakewell tart

Pomme puree pumpkin mash chilli con carne corned beef hash

Kedgeree cassoulet marzipan boiled ham

Soft and floating bobbing boating

Flouring flumping soup with dumplings

A ballad to salad a chorus to rawness

Crunch it munch it tie it up and bunch it

Avacado vinaigrette pack it up and lunch it

Black eye peas grated cheese

Lettuce leaves nuts and seeds

Savoury plait a big fat slice

Tabbouleh coconut rice

Scotch egg cooked crisp steaming

Laddish radish never saddish

Cold cucumber seeming gleaming

Wash it down wine at leisure

Savour it flavour it gentlemans measure

Perhaps the plum brandy to

Prolong the pleasure

Flighty mighty feeling alrighty

Mum and Pop's cooking to remember dear old Blighty.


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