Saturday, 9 November 2013

Found a sketch book

Having a bit of a tidy up and found some old drawings.

As far as I can tell this is in date order.


This is you sleeping. It must be around 1990 as we were still living in Pleydell Road.


Self portrait from around 1993. I drew it in my office in the house at Evelyn Street.


A sketch of Grandma from about the same time. She didn't like it much as I recall.


De came round after school and I grabbed this quick sketch. Secretly I've always liked it as I felt I had captured her loveliness. This would have been about 1994.


Beer cliffs drawn from Seaton hole. I expect you and the boys were in the rock pools. 1995ish.


Harbour bridge Seaton, at dusk. Same holiday as above.


Remember that place where we all stayed in log cabins. That was half term in 1995.


You and your mate Chris making a dam in the stream that leads to Shottermill,1998ish. Not a great sketch, but of a time.


Not sure why I called you Anchovy! It's dated 1998 so you were 10.


Happy days xxxx


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